On Social Media and Our Recent Plunge: Part I

By Julia Casale-Amorim

Needless to say, we finally took the social media plunge. And what a plunge it was (sheesh, does this medium ever suck you in)! It all happened rather fast.

Tuesday last week, we spontaneously decided that a Twitter feed would be a good place to “dip our toes into the water”. 140 words entries a few times a day seemed like an easy place to start. After all, we’re such a busy bunch. Who has time for more than that?

Well, did we ever underestimate the power (and value) of this addictive medium. Just over a week later we have an active internal blog, a growing Twitter stream, a Flikr photo stream and now, the beginnings of an external blog.

Have we become 2.0 obsessed? In one word, yes!

Blogging, tweeting, posting…it’s all we seem to talk about these days. But really, as much as it’s a fun pause from the day-to-day, we wouldn’t be doing it if there wasn’t a strategic upside. What I’ve observed so far:

    Twitter is a powerful corporate networking mechanism. It holds the promise of a direct line to people and organizations that may otherwise be near impossible to reach.
    It enables you to very quickly establish a clear voice for yourself and/or your brand and gain valuable insight into how you are perceived by others.
    Blogs are a great place to efficiently share the thoughts of one with many and to engage a group, no matter how large or distributed, in heated discussion. A blog can be your corporate voice. It represents an opportunity to freely “publish” your industry thoughts and opinions.
    If you want your “social” efforts to be meaningful, they need to be current, relevant and interesting. Stale, boring content isn’t going to help or appeal to anyone.

I wonder what the picture of our social efforts will look like a month from now?

To any brand sitting on the “social” fence (as we were not long ago), I encourage you to take the plunge. You will find that it pulls your outward communication efforts up to an entirely new level and opens the door to countless creative possibilities.

While the upfront “commitment” is sure to stir initial hesitations, you’ll find that it’s just not as taxing as you first thought once you get things off the ground, establish a routine, and start to immerse yourself in the project.

These efforts can help peel back some of your corporate mask and give the world real insight into who you are as an organization, what your take is on the current buzz, and what you’re doing as a company that’s unique and important. It’s also a great way to take control over how your brand is perceived online. If you aren’t in the sphere, communicating your brand to the outside world, someone else is.

Stay tuned for a follow up post some point down the road…