Attention Flash Ad Designers: What You Need to Know About IE8s Pop-Up Blocker and Your File Encoding Settings

Posted by Julia Casale-Amorim

Part of our standard process for getting campaigns live on our network ie8-imageinvolves the thorough pre-launch QA testing of all creative and landing pages. During this process, we recently discovered a major issue with Flash creative encoded using legacy publish settings.

The pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer 8 will block the landing page of any Flash creative published with the following legacy settings:

Player: Flash Player 7 or earlier
Script: Action Script 1.0

You can easily fix this issue by re-encoding your Flash creative with the following updated publish settings (publish settings can be viewed and updated at File > Publisher Settings > Flash Tab):

Player: Flash Player 8
Script: ActionScript 2.0

Adoption of the IE 8 browser is on the rise and so IE 8 compliance is becoming a valid concern. Many ads are still being encoded incorrectly or haven’t been regenerated in a long time.

The good news: re-encoding is a quick and simple process that doesn’t require any modification to your ads.