Creating standards for online display

Look here!  Click here!  Read this!  Buy now!  Online advertising is a vast growing landscape that has changed rapidly in the past decade.  There are so many options and applications for advertising that it can become an overwhelming experience for both the internet user and the advertiser.

To bring clarity to the online display advertising landscape, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) sets ad standards and creative guidelines for members to follow.   Different sizes of banner ad units, rich media, and pop up ads are all outlined.  Although this is a self-regulated program, many advertisers and publishers honor these units, which in turn, make the entire online advertising industry a bit more valuable to everyone.

The first benefit is that creative production teams know what sizes and guidelines to follow.  Artwork creative times are reduced.  Ad campaigns can be designed and assembled with efficiency.

The second and third benefits help both the website and the visitors.  Publishing websites know what spaces they can choose to leave on their website.  This means that standard ad tags can be placed into place holders  while the website layout remains organized.  Visitors to websites can then expect a more streamlined environment that does not bombard them with all sorts of mismatched ads collaged sporadically over the page.  Content is not hidden away behind pictures; it is prioritized and presented in a legible manner, resulting in a pleasant user experience.

Today, over 80% of display ads shown follow IAB standards, and that number continues to grow.  Learn more about the standard guidelines here.

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