MediaNet Research Brief: Back To School

Yes, you read the title correctly – Back to School. We understand it’s only spring and most kids are still in school, a full summer of camp and ice cream away from going back, but in the media world it’s time to start planning.

To help, we’ve leveraged our VOS Brand Metrics tool to harness the knowledge of more than 100 parents with kids in school to deliver our most recent MediaNet Research Brief. The survey ran across our entire network asking carefully selected, unbiased questions to determine exactly what parents were planning for Back to School season.

As our research will show, this highly coveted audience of young parents does their research before purchase. So planning to reach them while they’re still in the discovery phase will be of paramount importance in driving offline and online sales.

First, we qualified each respondent asking, “Are you a parent with a child in school?” From there, we wanted to know about their spending habits. Just how much does a parent spend per child during back to school shopping?

Dollars Spent

Overwhelmingly, the majority of parents are spending at least $50.00 per child and almost 1 in 4 admits to spending $100+. We also asked what product category received the highest allocation of spend.

Apparent by the results, clothing/apparel and supplies still attract much of the back to school budget, but as more tech savvy adults continue to have children, so too will technology emerge to play a greater role in our children’s education. With 8.49% confessing technology is where the lion’s share of the back to school budget goes, the trend may already be growing.

Finally, we wanted to be sure that the online universe plays a role in back to school shopping decisions. We asked our parents if they used websites as a resource for determining what to buy. The answer, not surprisingly, was an overwhelming yes.

Conclusion: Despite many families cutting costs in the past few years, it’s apparent that parents have not stopped spending on their children. Planners that are able to pinpoint this highly coveted, young family, audience at scale and during the discovery phase of their purchases will undoubtedly have success at summers end.

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