For reasons of timing and the fact that we had only just launched our own RTB platform for publishers, Casale Media does not feature in the recent Forrester Wave report about Sell-Side Platforms (see a good summary of the report here). So, what would they have said about Casale, or what do we hope they would have said, or what do we think they will say the next time round?

Well, the report praises “leaders” for the robustness and flexibility of their platform, the granularity of controls for publishers, the reporting levels for buyers and the ability to facilitate offline deals. We are confident that Forrester would score us strongly on all accounts, as it is tenets like “control” and “flexibility” that underpin our approach to building technology.

The report also insists that publishers shoud carefully weigh each of Forrester’s evaluation criteria  in light of their own needs. We would agree: see our own RTB screening guide on the subject. We’ll be glad to feature in the next report, and can’t wait to share with Forrester some of the insights we’ve gained over the years in our unique position as a media technology company that serves both the advertiser and publisher communities.

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