3 ways to better measure digital video ROI

Better ROI measurement starts with defining what user engagements are important to your brand, projecting what those engagements are worth, understanding what options for measuring those engagements are available, and selecting partners/platforms that can accommodate your needs.

1.    Define up front what action you want users exposed to your ad to take and weight their relative importance. Is the goal to get them to consume the entire spot? To share your video through their social channels? To register for a promotion? To make a purchase online?

2.    Develop a model to calculate what those engagements are worth to you and assign values. For example, if you know that for every 100 users to view your entire spot, your brand generates roughly 10 ticket sales, and every new ticket sale is worth $1 to you, then you might create a model that measures ROI against a cost per view (CPV) goal of $1.

3.    Once you know what you want to measure and how much it’s worth to your brand, look for partners/platforms that can track those engagements on your digital video buys. Because platforms are all different and not all technology works the same way, be sure to conduct extensive testing upfront to iron out any discrepancy issue and also monitor post-launch to ensure metrics remain on track. If you have a preferred platform, look for media vendors that can support third-party tracking to ensure apples-to-apples comparisons of ROI across your entire video buy.

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