How video is changing the online advertising landscape forever

Posted by Julia Casale-Amorim

Three reasons why online video is poised to explode in 2011.

What do I think will be a game changer for digital marketing in 2011? Without question: online video. Online video is no longer experimental. It will be a necessary component to any major brand’s online media strategy.

Over the last few years the online video space has been building great momentum: consumers gaining broadband access, publishers responding with more video content, advertisers testing the waters with in-banner and “viral” executions, media platforms sharpening their technology, and the IAB standardizing metrics and implementations. It wasn’t too long ago that we were debating whether the preroll or overlay was going to be the primary means to monetize video content.  These days the dialogue has shifted to focus on what new ways we can leverage video to create deeper connections with our users, track ad engagement and take creative interactions to a new, more immersive level…Read the whole article >

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