Anatomy Of An Attempted Malware Scam

Posted by Julia Casale-Amorim

Some tips and advice for spotting and stopping malvertisers before they strike

The display media segment is the newest target of malvertising, the latest trend in online criminal methodology. The problem hasescalated in recent months and despite many suppliers’ best efforts, it continues to grow. The culprits behind many of these attacks are based in foreign states leaving little course to take action. While the best defense against malvertising is to prevent it from happening in the first place, this has proven to be a challenge for even the most astute publishers, networks and the like.

We were recently the targets of one such attempt, and while it certainly wasn’t the first “fake agency” we’ve been besieged by (and that we’ve successfully stopped), it is one of the most organized efforts we’ve encountered so far. Below we’ve outlined the approach that was used and the findings of our investigation as an FYI to others who may be on the target list…Read the whole article >

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