Attention Flash Ad Designers: What You Need to Know About IE8s Pop-Up Blocker and Your File Encoding Settings

Posted by Julia Casale-Amorim

Part of our standard process for getting campaigns live on our network ie8-imageinvolves the thorough pre-launch QA testing of all creative and landing pages. During this process, we recently discovered a major issue with Flash creative encoded using legacy publish settings.

The pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer 8 will block the landing page of any Flash creative published with the following legacy settings:

Player: Flash Player 7 or earlier
Script: Action Script 1.0

You can easily fix this issue by re-encoding your Flash creative with the following updated publish settings (publish settings can be viewed and updated at File > Publisher Settings > Flash Tab):

Player: Flash Player 8
Script: ActionScript 2.0

Adoption of the IE 8 browser is on the rise and so IE 8 compliance is becoming a valid concern. Many ads are still being encoded incorrectly or haven’t been regenerated in a long time.

The good news: re-encoding is a quick and simple process that doesn’t require any modification to your ads.

2 thoughts on “Attention Flash Ad Designers: What You Need to Know About IE8s Pop-Up Blocker and Your File Encoding Settings

  1. Thanks for your post Julia.
    My problem is I have an older version (Flash MX 7) which in the publishing settings only lists up to Flash Player 7 so I can’t select Player 8. Do you know a way around this or have another solution for people with older flash installs?
    Thanks for your time, kind regards, Ian

    • Hi Ian, thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, the only way around the problem you are experiencing is to upgrade your version of Flash. MX7 is incredibly old and generates Flash files with security vulnerabilities. I wouldn’t recommend continued use of that version for commercial applications. Good luck.

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